1237 Alameda Avenue, Glendale

There are some experiences in real estate that really bring home the beauty of what we do, as an industry. Yes, television shows get high ratings for the sensual, money driven side of the business. But, I believe real estate agents facilitate something deeper – we change people’s lives and lineages by assisting our clients in their home buying dreams.

A real estate agent is more than a person that facilitates interactions and paperwork. We are therapists. We are emotional anchors. We assist in the birthing of a grander idea – the idea of home.

A home to work from home in. The never ending Zoom meetings. A space with four walls to grow old in. A permanent sense of belonging and building equity in a neighborhood. More than an APN on a contract, a home is a space on a city map that cultivates a sense of community.

From the moment my clients stepped foot in this house during our first showing, I felt that special sense of magic. Intuitively, this was it. Yes, there were other home that they had submitted offers on. But, this was different. The distinct touches of classic Spanish roofing, tilework and sense of space. ┬áThis felt like “their home.”

This was the one they had been waiting to come on the market. This was waiting for them. It checked all the boxes – including a basement for additional storage. Which, in Los Angeles County, is incredibly rare.

My client’s offer was selected, with two back up offers.

Calling clients and saying the incredible words: “Congratulations, you just bought a house” will never get old.

At the close of escrow, my clients thanked me. They admitted, gushingly, that was their dream home.

This home will be a space that their children will celebrate in; entertain in; grow in. It had everything they wanted (ADU, outdoor entertaining space, defined dining room, spacious kitchen, classic Hollywood charm) – and even details they couldn’t have written down on their dream list (avocado & lime trees).

This is why I do the work: for the joy of knowing that owning real estate changes lives.

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